For less than a dinner out, 

I’ll reveal the 3 essential factors to achieve this, in a straightforward, succinct and summarized way.

I can help you in only 3 days to understand more about how
Neuroscience, Coaching and Emotional intelligence
play a crucial role and can make a huge difference in your teaching and also in your everyday life.


It's mainly aimed at Teachers, language Coaches, trainee teachers, teacher trainers; and also English speakers (with at least a B2 level) who are into these topics and want to know more for personal growth.

This series of Masterclasses is paid due to its high value of practical content. It's not for people ONLY interested in Free Resources, but those who are willing to commit more to their learning journey and really start seeing results.

Before giving more details about this Trilogy of Masterclasses, I'd like to ask you some questions...

  • Know about your emotions, learn how to regulate them and live a more harmonious life?
  • Know how our brain works and use that valuable information as an ally?
  • Know how to identify your limiting beliefs and how to turn them into empowering ones?
  • Feel more confident, empowered, aligned with your goals and with more peace at heart?
  • Have better relationships with colleagues, students and your context?
  • Apply scientifically proven techniques that you and your students will love?


Who am I and how can I help you boost

your personal and professional growth?

I'm Roxana Areán, a graduate English Teacher and Translator with a Master’s degree in Audiovisual translation from the University of Cadiz, Spain. I'm also a certified Neurolanguage Coach® (Efficient Language Coaching, UK), a Neuropsychoeducator (Asociación Educar- UBA, Argentina), a certified Biodecoder, and I'm currently doing my Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

As an educator of the 21st century, I see that information is just a click away. I do believe that our challenge today is teaching much more than content; by reaching a deeper and more human connection. It’s not what we say but what we do that will make a difference. And, as the saying goes, we cannot pour from an empty glass. The more we grow ourselves, the more we can help others to grow.

I’ve honed the abilities and gained enough experience to be able to help others in their journey of evolution and help educators  be the best version they can be. Are you ready?

My story: how it all started...


Because I grew up with lack of resources, lack of confidence and plenty of limiting beliefs and I could literally change my life and take my career to a higher level. That's why I know EVERYONE can make it. And because I love seeing people shining, thriving, being happy and evolving! And educators are- by far- the most multiplying agents; the ones who have the HUGE possibility of making a better world. 

If you read my story, you might be wondering how you can start your journey with me...

join this trilogy then and start your transformation TODAY.

What will you exactly learn in this Trilogy?

MASTERCLASS 1: Mon 29th Jan- 14h Argentina- The Neuroscience Factor: Learn how your brain works and have it as an ally in your lessons

  • What Neuroscience is and how it is related to language learning: We'll explore how we, as language teachers, can make the most of our brains so as to enhance our lessons for our students' benefit.
  • Neural Networks and Neurotransmitters: We'll see what a Neural Network is, how it works and why it is important to consider in the learning process. Besides, we'll look into the main neurotransmitters and how to increase their levels to keep the perfect learning state.
  • How your students' brains learn better and more effectively: We'll explore through practical examples how the brain likes to learn: what it loves and what it rejects so as to keep our students engaged and connect with their emotions. I'll tell you how brain-friendly and fun activities can impact directly on our students' long-term memory.

MASTERCLASS 2: Tue 30th Jan- 14h Argentina- The Coaching Factor: Learn Coaching techniques that will make you stand out from traditional teaching

  • What's Language Coaching? What are the main differences with language teaching?
  • How is Coaching supported by Neuroscience?
  • What kind of powerful questions can I ask my students to provoke and stimulate reflection?
  • How can I help my students to develop autonomy?
  • The essential aspect of active listening to develop trust and empathy.
  • What's retrieval in learning and how to use it to improve the learning process?
  • The importance of positive Feedback and how we can make the most of it.

MASTERCLASS 3: Wed 31st - 14h Argentina- The Emotional and Mindset Factor: Learn about the role of emotions and the relation with the cognitive brain to foster a growth mindset

  • What are emotions? Are there bad or good emotions? How can we deal with them?
  • Shall we control or manage our emotions?
  • Which area of our brain is in charge of emotions? How is it viewed from a Neuroscientific perspective?
  • How can we help to create awareness on our students' emotions?
  • Which are the most relevant and controversial theories and authors that talk about emotions?
  • What do we talk about when we talk about mindset?
  • How can we identify our own kind of mindset?
  • Who set our mind? Can we all change it?
  • Can we all develop a Growth Mindset? How to do it and how to help others?

  • In each Masterclass, you'll receive a Handout to put into practice what you're learning.
  • The 3 Masterclasses will be uploaded to a platform where you'll have lifetime access.
  • You'll be part of an Exclusive Whatsapp group to keep supporting each other and working together.

 The 3 Masterclasses will be LIVE via Zoom

14 -16 (Argentina time)

Check your time zone!

ONLY for a few days, you'll have access to the lowest price EVER.

A unique investment of 9.99 USD / $11.700(ARG).

I’ll tell you the exact 3 Reasons WHY I’m offering these 3 Intensive Masterclasses with HIGHLY VALUABLE content at such a low price (yes, for less than a dinner out).

  • I'LL BE HONEST WITH YOU. This is a Marketing strategy where I’m filtering, within my audience, those teachers who are highly aligned with these disciplines and truly committed to applying holistic education and ward off those who take benefit only from FREE resources.
  • I want new testimonials of transformed and happy teachers. Will YOU be the next one?
  • I want you to TRY yourself the quality of my content and how they can help you.

This TRILOGY of Masterclasses is for you if...

  • You're aware that the world has changed and Education also needs a change. But also...
  • If you're committed to your growth.
  • You make long-term decisions and are focused on the results.
  • You take action with no excuses.

This Trilogy is NOT for you if... 

  • You feel you know it all.
  • You're not ready to take this huge leap (and prefer to be an average teacher) 
  • Only take free courses and webinars.
  • You don't put into practice what you hear or read.
  • Or simply, if you've already studied and applied these disciplines for long now.

Let's take Education to its highest level together!

For only 9.99 USD / $11.700(ARG).


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