Expanding our knowledge and learning new things on a cognitive level is easy.

Applying those concepts and theory is relatively easy (it takes time and consistency though).

Feeling a deeper holistic transformation and seeing how the whole world around you improves is a different story.

And believe me, it's the most powerful thing that can ever happen to you. I call it EVOLUTION.

In the path of life, we all have different stages of awakening or evolution, and it's perfect that way.

I know that going deeper is not for EVERYONE. That's the reason why in this Exclusive and Premium Mentoring, I'll work with a reduced group of highly commited teachers who are READY to move to the next level.



You've probably heard me say this a hundred times...

A well balanced and holistically trained person can have more possibilities of success (whatever your concept of it might be) in all areas of your life, and of course, in your profession.

However, it's easier said than done! And most human beings without a guide on what to do and how to do it, might get lost on their way. Or just go back and forth, do several courses, without really seeing results.

The most promising thing here is... and READ CAREFULLY!

If you let me help you and guide you, you'll SEE results. You'll become your best version after knowing and applying what we'll be sharing together.

"The mind that opens to new ideas never returns to its original size"  (Albert Einstein)

Are you aware of how POWERFUL this can be?


I'm not offering a MAGICAL PILL or me doing the job for you but WITH you.

I'm not offering a radical change or transformation in a 3-month training but the beginning of a JOURNEY of transformation, that you'll continue working on after finishing it (for then you'll have created the habit!).

I want you to feel SO GOOD so as to FALL IN LOVE with these disciplines, tools and resources (as I did!) and that you can literally broaden your horizons and change your life.

Are you ready to start?

Getting the information nowadays is easy!

There are thousands of videos on Internet on these disciplines, and for FREE.

BUT what we'll EXPERIENCE together is not found anywhere, because it's created out of my own experience and aimed exclusively at teachers.

You'll also find Trainings on Coaching, on Neuroscience, on Emotional Intelligence, on Neuro Linguistic Programming, on Biodecoding, on Metaphysics or Spirituality... BUT not EVERYTHING TOGETHER, simplified, and for EDUCATORS!

This Holistic Mentoring and Training is completely RE-Evolutionary (I've already googled, it's NEW in the world)

This Educational Experience will IMPACT on your life and everyone's around you, your students' included.

And you won't find that on Youtube or Google! (Yes, we still need the HUMAN Factor)

And TODAY, this HOLISTIC TRAINING is a REALITY, due to an urgent need to go back to our roots.

You can be part of it with just one CLICK; one DECISION that will change your life.

The full price of the Programme is USD 1497

Early Bird Enrolment up to 25th February

1 Payment of USD 976

3 Payments of USD 362

6 payments of USD 211

- ASK for more options - 

(If you're in Argentina, you pay in AR$ (official dollar of the day)

Let me ask you something...

How many times have you felt you were not enough?

How many times have you thought that things were out your control and felt miserable?

How many times have you "wished" someone else's lifestyle, personality, character, self-confidence or job?

Always being the SPECTATOR and not the ACTOR of your own life?

It's time to do what were meant to do in this life and unleash your full potential!


EVERYTHING depends on how hard you're willing to work on your MINDSET.

Can you feel the adrenaline and dopamine shot just at the thought of it?

Shall we make it together?


Why am I the right person to help you? 

  • Because 6 years ago I was in your shoes and I had to overcome every single challenge that you might be now facing (lack of self-confidence, limiting beliefs, low sef-esteem, poor or not fulfilling relationships, blaming "bad luck" and others, having an unhealthy lifestyle, feeling discomfort at my workplace and "stuck"; not knowing where to start from)
  • Because I have invested + USD 10,000 these years in studying Language Coaching, Neuroscience, Neuropsychoeducation, Biodecoding, NLP, Biology and the 5 biological laws, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Spirituality, Meditation, etc.
  • Because I never teach from theory (theory can be studied and transmitted by almost everyone). What I teach is my own experience, my own journey of transformation.
  • Because I am living proof that no matter where you are now, where you were born or where you grew up; you can always reinvent yourself and create the life or profession you dream of!
  • Because I’ve honed the abilities and gained enough experience to be able to help others in their journey of evolution (and I do believe that we need to pass on what we learn; the good things are worth sharing!).
  • Because I’ll make it simple, practical and effective. I promise your life won’t be the same once you get in contact with all this information!


  • Because I love seeing people shining, thriving, being happy and evolving!
  • And educators are- by far- the most multiplying agents; the ones who have the HUGE possibility of making and leaving a better world.

How will it be organized?

We'll have a WELCOMING session to celebrate the beginning of this journey together.

We'll have an overview on the whole programme and our steps to follow (this is optional, you can see the recording later in case you cannot join)

WHEN? On February 27th (one week before the start)- 19-20.30 (Arg time)


A 3- Month group training 

12 live Lessons of 3 hours each (a total of 36 hours live) 

+ the Welcoming Session

+ 4 in between sessions (every 3 weeks, at the end of each module to clear out doubts and EXTRA practice)

MODULE 1: Applied Neuroscience

  • Neuroscience and Education
  • Top myths about Neuroscience
  • The triune Brain 1: prefrontal cortex and its functions
  • The triune Brain 2: The emotional limbic system in detail
  • The triune Brain 3: The primitive brain
  • Fight, Flight or Freeze mode
  • Memory and attention (Types of memory)
  • Brain lobes, Brain cortex and language Learning
  • Neuroplasticity and Learning
  • The 4 stages of Learning
  • The power of Music in the brain
  • Brain waves and learning (from the concrete to the abstract mind)
  • Neuroscience, nutrition and physical exercise

DATES: Tuesday 5, 12 and 19 March (18-21 Argentina time)

IN BETWEEN SESSION 1: Module 1 Round Up  & Extra Practice (SAT 23/3) 10-12 a.m 

MODULE 2: Coaching techniques and models applied to teaching

  • Educational Coaching
  • Coaching and learner autonomy
  • Setting goals: The S.M.A.R.T and The G.R.O.W models
  • Understanding Learning styles
  • Memory processing: Decoding, Storage and Retrieval
  • Intrinsec and extrinsic motivation
  • Active Listening in practice
  • Socrates’ contribution and method in depth
  • Teaching and Coaching: integrating the best of both worlds
  • Metacognition: how to stimulate reflection and provoke deep answers
  • Building coaching conversations
  • The importance of Positive Feedback

DATES: Tuesday 26 March, 9 and 16 April (18-21 Argentina time)

IN BETWEEN SESSION 2: Module 2 Round Up  & Extra Practice (SAT 20/4) 10-12 a.m 

MODULE 3: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Learning

  • What is NLP and why is it useful for?
  • The basic NLP principles
  • Representational Systems and Language
  • Modalities and submodalities
  • Defining Values and Beliefs
  • Limiting and empowering beliefs
  • Verbal and non- verbal communication
  • Physiological states and emotions
  • Language symbolism: making sense of words
  • The use of metaphors in NLP
  • NLP anchoring
  • Logical levels and types in NLP modelling
  • The NLP Metamodel

DATES: Tuesday 23, 30 April and 7 May (18-21 Argentina time)

IN BETWEEN SESSION 3: Module 3 Round Up  & Extra Practice (SAT 11/5) 10-12 a.m 

MODULE 4: Biodecoding (Science and Spirituality merge)

  • What is Biodecoding and who created it
  • Principles and paradigm of Biodecoding
  • The conscious and the subconscious mind
  • What is stress for Biodecoding: Emotional and Physiological response
  • Fixed and Growth Mindset: Benefits of a flexible mind
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
  • What is the GNM and the biological laws
  • The 4 embryonic layers and the development of the brain
  • Universal laws of life
  • Our ego and higher self
  • The 4 Levels of Consciousness
  • Meditation techniques and Mindfulness practice

DATES: Tuesday 14, 21, 28 May (18-21 Argentina time)

IN BETWEEN SESSION 4: Module 4 Round Up  & Extra Practice (SAT 1/6) 10-12 a.m 

If you're one of the first 5 people to join the programme, you'll have access to all these BONUSES!

  • Stress Management (Tips and hacks for a healthy life)- 2 -hour Webinar
  •  Gamification(with a purpose in mind) 2 -hour Webinar
  •  Overcome you limiting beliefs and unleash your inner power- 1 -hour Webinar
  •  Workshop (in Spanish) sobre “Propósito de vida” por la Dra, Hipnoterapeuta y Conferencista Dra Cata V (Colombia)
  • Workshop (in Spanish) sobre “Cambia tus hábitos, administra tu tiempo y conviértete en 100% productiva (en lo laboral y personal), por Bren Rosenovich, Profesora de yoga y mentora en hábitos saludables (Arg. -Miami)

ALL these BONUSES valued at USD 190- FREE for you.

AND if you CHOOSE to pay in 1 payment, you'll also have:

  •  2 one-to-one Clarity Sessions with me

(one before and one after the programme to check your objectives- or a Biodecoding one)


You can be part of it with just one CLICK; one DECISION that will change your life.

The full price of the Programme is USD 1497

Early Bird Enrolment up to 25th February

1 Payment of USD 976

3 Payments of USD 362

6 payments of USD 211

- ASK for more options - 

(If you're in Argentina, you pay in AR$ (official dollar of the day)

Questions or doubts? We're here to help! You can also contact us by email:



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