Advanced Refresher Course 2

(January 2024)

Intensive Edition

Who is this for?

Aimed at teachers, trainee teachers, translators and advanced students

who'd like to brush up on their previous knowledge as well as keep building on it!

The Advanced Refresher 2 is exclusively for students who have already done the previous course.

What is a refresher course? Why should we need it? 

As life-long learners of a foreign language, we’re constantly creating new synapses in our brain. The more often we do and practise something, the more we will reinforce those neural networks. Memory, like a muscle, needs to be used frequently in order to be strengthened, thus practising and retrieving all that info we’ve ‘seen’ is key to store it in the long term memory. ‘Having seen’ something and actually knowing how to apply that in real life is a completely different thing. The more time passes, the harder it becomes to remember, which is why a refresher course is the best way to reinforce and reactivate those synapses.

What will we cover?

  • Stranded prepositions (What are they and why are they important to use?)
  • Types of advanced Inversion
  • Gradable and non-gradable adjectives
  • Similar words/ Different meanings (Nuances of the English language)
  • Specific vocab (ways of walking/crying/laughing/seeing, etc.)
  • Advanced collocations (different categories)
  • Colloquial expressions, vocab and slang used in real contexts
  • Common Argentine slang phrases and vulgar vocab
  • And... whatever comes up from your production and participation!

What will the approach be?

This journey will be led in a straightforward and brain-friendly way sailing through the contents proposed with a wide-range variety of multisensory tasks. Plus, we’ll be working on the four skills, which are included in our fully interactive-course menu: listening, speaking, reading and writing (with a more generous portion of listening and speaking though!).

What does it include?

  • This Refresher Journey is All inclusive! All the recorded sessions will be available.
  •  Material used (Videos, PDFs, extra tasks). For this 2nd Refresher, we'll use a virtual Classroom as a complement and the material will be uploaded beforehand.
  • Individual Feedback on written assignments.
  • Certificate of completion.

Would you dare to embark on this journey? 

We’re setting off on 8th January, 2024. It’ll be an intensive and pleasant ride in the depths of our brain. See you there?

When and what time? 

January 2024

Monday and Wednesday from 19 to 21 (GMT - 3: Argentina time)

A total of 8 meetings- 16 hours (via Zoom)

LIMITED VACANCIES! (Reduced groups)

Who's the facilitator?

Roxana Areán is a graduate English Teacher and a Literary, Scientific and Technical Translator (Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires) with a Master’s degree in Audiovisual translation from the University of Cadiz, Spain.

She’s also a certified Neurolanguage Coach® (Efficient Language Coaching, UK) and holds a Diploma in English Phonetics and Phonology from UNLZ (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

She has worked in several institutions teaching all ages and levels but has been teaching mostly adults and young adults lately. She is the founder, coordinator and head teacher of Dream On ELC; an online academy which has been designing and delivering online courses and Webinars for more than 6 years now. 

In the last years, she's been fully devoted to studying the human brain and the mind and applying scientifically proven techniques that have had great results and which keep thousands of students satisfied. She's a certified Biodecoder, a Neuro Psycho Educator (Asociación Educar/ UBA, Argentina), holds a Diploma in Applied Neuroscience (UAI- Argentina) and is currently studying her Master's in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Fee and payment options

the fee includes:

  • 8 sessions (2 hours each)- Total of 16 hours
  • Acces to full recordings
  • Downloadable material used (PDFs, videos and activities)
  • Extra material and resources to practise
  • Access to our Virtual Classroom on Campus Nube
  • Certificate of attendance.


SPECIAL OFFER (expires in...)


You missed out!

Argentinian residents: 

1 SINGLE payment of AR $ 39.500

AR $ 34.500

(10% OFF if you pay via Bank transfer)

Other countries: 

1 SINGLE payment of USD 250
USD 150

IMPORTANT: Once you proceed with the payment, please send us the receipt photo either via msn or to: so that we can finish your enrolment process.

Bank transfer or deposit (Argentinian residents)

CBU: 0720383988000035572440

Titular: Roxana Anahí Areán

Número de cuenta corriente: 383-355724/4

Alias: DreamOn

Credit or debit card (Links below)

*Mercado Pago (Argentinian residents)

*Paypal (Other countries)


IMPORTANT: Once you proceed with the payment, please send us the receipt photo either via msn or to: so that we can finish your enrolment process.

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